Picudo Sport Fishing Report Cabo San Lucas
Nov 10 to Nov 17 2016
Just a quick apology for missing last week, I was down with Dengue fever. One of those darn mosquitos snuck into my casa and bit me good. I wish that on no one, it was a long week for sure. But Iím back at it and am in full combat mode against them pointy nosers, spraying Raid at will and dropping them buggers all over. Adios, zancudos! At least the weather is cooling and the rainy season is over so that will reduce the problem immensely. Thatís part of the price we pay to live in paradise!
But, can we talk about swimming creatures instead of flying ones! First off a quick shout out to Jaime and the boys on Hook Up! They bagged a fatty today, a Black Marlin over 600 lbs.! Good going, guys!! Thatís a nice Nov. fish in Cabo! The big ones are always the first to arrive and last to leave and we will have a few more monsters caught before itís over!
Our weather has been fantastic with sea temps hovering in the low 80s, air temps are in the mid 80s, the winds have been light and the swell small at 2-3 feet. Itís puffing a bit more inside the Sea of Cortez but thatís normal for this time of year. It wonít be long before the north winds kick in and shut down the Eastcape. Its been a great Fall so far and Winter is looking to be all time. The Stripers are thick at the Finger Bank so that will all be moving our way. The first Mackeral have been caught off the lighthouse so when the sea temp drops under 80 its going to be Striper madness.
Our local bite is not bad at all with the half day boats nailing the Striped Marlin, Dorados, and some Wahoo right here at the Falso lighthouse. They are dropping down live bait in 300 - 350 feet off water on the drop off and getting the marlin on the soak. It seems one day is slow and the other is going off. Some days are 4-5 fish days. The Dorado are spread out and itís a troll with feathers, sewed baits, and small lures that are raising them. Early am and the late afternoon bite seems to be productive. The size is up with 15-20 pounders being the norm. Thatís better than last week when we were getting a lot of dinks. The Wahoo are blind striking and the early 1st light bite is best. Size is also fair with some 35-45 pounders being brought in! its defiantly not a wide open bite but if you hammer it good and work the areas you are going to get some fish for sure!
The boys are still bagging some fat YFTs on the banks and outside in the porpoise schools. Most of the gang are a bit burnt out from chasing tuna the last few weeks. It was tuna fever for sure as everyone was prepping for the WON Tuna Jackpot. It was nice to take a little break and target another species! But those hardcore tuna boys are still getting them. Some have almost tipped the300 lb. mark! Our commercial tuna fleet has ended their season and are tied up to their docks in Matzalan so that should give us some breathing room for a while!
The tournaments season has ended and Cabo is getting back to normal. A lot of people left here with some monster paychecks and all in all it was a great tournament run. As we lose this moon we should have our Dorado schools in thick and have a fantastic finish to our Fall season. It wonít be long and the bent butts and big gear will be cleaned and stored. Itís almost time to break out the 50s and 30s and gear down for the Winter season. But were not done yet, got to keep a big set up in the short corner, thereís a fatty lurking for sure, and its not over yet!! Got to love fishing in Cabo! Yar!!