So back in the day, our choice of fly fishing festivals, outside of the club stuff, were pretty limited around North Texas. You pretty much had Fly Fish TX...and well, that was about it.

Things are looking better these days, but dang, I'm kind of bummed all these additional events are taking up the same weekend on the calendar...with the exception of the deal in Grapevine a few months back.

Next year, the TRWD Fly Fest is back March 11th (had a blast at it last year), the Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival is March 11-12 (looks like it'll be super-fly), and I can only presume Fly Fish TX will be the same weekend.

It's too bad these aren't staggered over different weekends - I'd hit them all if I could. As it is, it's looking like March 11-12, 2017 is going to be the one and only official Dudes in Trucker Hats weekend of the year around here, and choices will have to be made!