First "cold" morning of the year for us. But we had light winds and it did get over 70 by quitting time at 2:30 PM

Faze 4 is one of three formats put on by the Lake Fork Anglers for it's members so they can fish every Thursday daytime throughout the year without getting bored. The LFA every other week tournament are a points tournament fishing for angler of the year plaques. Hard Core follows the Major League Fishing format with boaters and co-anglers paired together to score the others fish but with all boaters fishing against boaters and co-'s fishing against co's for a cash prize at the end in a championship fishing for cash and the Lake Fork Cup; and Faze 4 is a team competition where our boater members or members who own boats being paired together so that the weaker boater can learn from the stronger boaters so as to improve. Fishing for cash and plaques. And boy have they.

C-rig, drop shots, weightless flukes and jerk and crank baits accounted for the bigger bags. Most fish were caught fairly shallow.

The team of Brian Dick and Doug Watson came to the scales with 37 fish, of which the top 10 counted for 33.01 with Brian's 7.7 lunker of the day.

We paper all of the fish. Everything over 10" count.

Second place team went to Don Overstreet and Charlie Abresch with 10 bass for 17.89 with a 1.61 lunker.
Third place team went to Bruce and Cheryl Allen with 12 bass for 12.88 with Cheryl's 2.18 lunker.

No skunks today with everyone enjoying a good day on the water.

For info on joining the LFA e-mail me at or PM me on here. We are looking for co-anglers right now but will take boaters who are willing to fill in on the co-angler side when needed.

Even on tough days Lake Fork is one heck of a great fishery.

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