Benefit supporting Jamie Dorough and her family during her fight against kidney disease.
All proceeds go to family
Log Cabin Marina
13620 Alamo Rd
Log Cabin, TX 75148
Drive straight from entrance all the way down roadway until you reach ramp.
Date & Time: Saturday, Nov 12, 2016, 6 a.m. - 2p.m.
Location: Cedar creek lake Tournament Fee: $50 per teamRegistration & Weigh-In Site: Pavilion on water at Log Cabin Marina ramp ***$5 launch fee***
Official Tournament Rules:
* ⦁ All Federal, State, and Local laws, as well as TP&W (Texas Parks & Wildlife) rules and regulations must be observed. Any violations of the rules by an individual or team will be subject to penalty or disqualification by the Administration.
* ⚪ Largemouth Bass – 5 fish limit; Minimum Length: 14 inches
* ⚪ Catfish – 5 fish limit; Minimum Length: Channel, Blue = 12 inches, Flathead = 18 inches
* ⚪ Crappie – 5 fish limit; Minimum Length: 10 inches
* ⦁ When you register you must select which species you will be fishing for, there will be 3 different species.
* ⦁ The tournament will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016 on Cedar creek lake
* ⦁ Tournament start time is 6am and weigh-in begins at 9am and ends promptly at 2 pm
* ⦁ Boats will be allowed to trailer to another boat ramp on the designated lake. Boats may leave the tournament launch site no earlier than 30 minutes before tournament start time and cannot begin fishing until the designated start time.
* ⦁ Must be in weigh-in line by 2pm, after 2pm you will be disqualified.
* ⦁ Contestants must receive a weigh-in slip or acknowledgement (designated wrist bracelet) from the Administration no later than that day’s cut-off time or have their fish disqualified.
* ⦁ Contestants must present their wrist bracelet to be allowed to weigh-in. A bracelet will disallow a contestant from weighing in.
* ⦁ All fish must be of legal length, measured with mouth closed and tail squeezed to produce maximum length.
* ⦁ Any fish not measuring legal length at the time of weigh in will be disqualified.
* ⦁ Fishing is allowed from boats, banks and docks.
* ⦁ Fishing is allowed only on the designated tournament lake.
* ⦁ All occupants of the boat must wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device while the boat is ‘on plane’.
* ⦁ It is up to the contestant to determine their big fish and ask to have it weighed.
* ⦁ Heaviest stringer will decide a tie on big fish.
* ⦁ Largest fish on stringer will decide a tie on heavy stringer.
* ⦁ All protests must be submitted to the Administration within 15 minutes of the last fish weighed in.
* ⦁ The available members of the Administration will arbitrate tournament protests.
* ⦁ The Administration will determine the merit of the protest.
* ⦁ The contestant making the protest and the contestant in question will remain at the tournament site until the Administration has reached a decision.
* ⦁ Once a decision is made, the matter is closed and will be given no further consideration.
* ⦁ Each contestant must sign-in before fishing the tournament.
* ⦁ The Administration must check all fish at weigh-in.
* ⦁ All contestants must fish as a team whether he/she has a partner
* ⦁ Only one entry fee will be charged. No more than three contestants per Team per boat. Teams must be determined prior to the tournament.
* ⦁ Tournament entry fees are $25 per person. All proceed donated to family. — with Kyle Jones and 2 others.
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