Tuesday November 1st

Coral, Gary, Carla, and Betty Ashford had family fun day fishing on Richland Chambers Lake.
Hard to have more fun than this with your family and friends.
Carla reeled in two keeping size hybrids and I'm not sure how many sand bass.
I thank I cleaned 64 sand bass and the 2 keeping hybrid.
SEE y’all again really soon.
Thanks, Bob

Fishing is a fun activity for family or friends to enjoy together. The basics are easy to grasp with relatively little effort so if you would like to take your family or some friends fishing on Richland Chambers Lake located about an hour drive from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, give me a call at 214-728-3310 and let’s schedule a trip and go catch some fish. I can accommodate any size group. You can visit my web site at www.texasfishingguide.net for trip information and more pictures.