Howdy all,

Knuckles and I made our first fall season trip to the Brazos below PK this morning. It was absolutely perfect, except for the wind but...... Manage to catch one striped, one largemouth and two sand bass today. The water is definitely cooling down, probably lower 70's; not quite striped bass comfort but getting close.

We played around with a new introduction for our videos, which turned out good with the exception of the wind noise....probably have to redo it in the very near future. Knuckles and I even tried a little bit different shooting style today, so hopefully y'all like what you see. Anyway, enjoy the videos and as always; if you like what you see then Like it and Subscribe to the channel.

Fly Fishing: On The Brazos - First Fall Season Fishing Trip

FlyFishTX: Funny Blooper Intro!

Tight lines.

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