I have a BP gift card I cannot and do not want to use. It has 169.99 on it, hell I will sell it to you for cash at 160.00 if you're interested. The items I wish to buy are not sold at BP so that is why I prefer to sell the card and use the cash to get what I need.

You can contact me here, or via text at 713.906.4015
My Pro Staff Links: (If interested in anything they offer, or have questions please ask)

https://mikehoodprops.com/ (Prop Sales, Service, Repairs)
https://www.denalirods.com/ (Rods, Reels, Gear, Decals, Etc)
https://nanuqcoolers.com/ (Custom coolers, tumblers, wine glass)
https://www.custom-sublimated-jerseys.com/ (Jerseys, Gear)