Tourney Madness in Cabo
Picudo Spot Fishing Report
Oct 17 to Oct 25
Ive been talking for weeks about the Blue Marlin bite we have going down here and the results of the tournaments sure proved it. Although we didnít have a lot of qualifying fish the sheer numbers were impressive. The Bisbee Offshore was won by the Wild Hooker with a 450 Black Marlin and the Black and Blue was won by QuinteŮa with a 534 lb. Black Marlin also. There were 240 Blue Marlin, 15 Black Marlin, 91 Striped Marlin and 6 Sailfish caught during the tournaments. Great numbers and the radio was going off nonstop all day! This bite is spectacular and shows no signs of slowing down. It should continue well into December with some stragglers still biting in January! What a season so far. Itís by far the best it has been in 10 years. Itís sure nice to see all those smiling faces in the marina, crews and anglers alike are still talking about the unbelievable fishing. And yes, there were some monsters lost, I canít give details but there were some huge fish lost during the tournaments. I know, the big ones always get away.

So while everybody was mostly offshore chasing the Marlin, the local charter boats were having a blast inshore picking up the Dorado. The bite has picked up this week size has improved also. The bite is switching daily but itís all up on the Pacific side. It varies between the Dunes all the way up past Elias Calles. They are biting in the shallower off color water in 50 - 100 feet and are hitting almost anything from live baits to feathers and small lures. They have caught a few nice ones up to 35 pounds but the average size seems to hover around 15-18 lbs. The early birds are definitely getting the best bite, but the fish are showing back up late morning and again in the afternoon. If you raise a school and pitch a quick live bait in the water you can catch some good numbers for sure. Itís a sea of yellow flags pouring into the marina at the end of the day and the restaurants are cooking up some gourmet dinners!!

The Wahoo are in but not in great numbers. The fleet is having better luck with them at Grey Rock in the early morning and getting a few up to 35 lbs. They are also scattered from the Faro Viejo all the way up to Todos Santos and are mostly on the 20 fathom curve. Fast troll with the chromers, marauders, rapalas and sewed live bait are the ticket but they are few aand far between. The boys are opting for the Rooster fishing instead. The bite turns on late morning so itís Dorado early and then troll live bait caballito for the Roosters. Itís a waiting game but they always show and those tough jacks sure put up a great fight on light tackle. The average size is smaller 12-16 pounds but there are a few nice 25-30s mixed in. The Dunes, Rinconada, Pedregalito, and San Cristobal are just a few of the areas where they are biting. The trick to getting these cresty critters is getting small caballitos for bait. The big ones just peev you off as they mouth the bait to death and end up leaving you a chewed up dead bait and alot of frustration. They are also some Skipjack, Bulitos, and some small tunas in the shallows but theyíre mostly blind strike bites and not isolated to one particular area. But all in all the inshore fishing is very good and should stay this way for a while. Itís classic fall fishing at the Cape. The YFT bite is still going on. As the Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot is just around the corner the fleet will now turn their attention to the big cows. We still have some big ones being brought in so itís going to be a great tournament. Our commercial tuna seiners are off fishing other areas so it looks like itís going to be a full on bite here in our local waters. The banks are holding, the porpoise schools are in, and the bait is in thick so thereís going to be some monsters brought in for sure. With the moon dropping off and the conditions perfect, the fishing should just get better. Were finally done with the El NiŮo nightmare and our fishing is just going off. This is the best fall we have had in many years and shows no signs of slowing down. Time to go fishing, Palomilla! Come on down and bag a fatty! Saludos from San Lucas! Yar!!