October 15,2016 Water Temperatures cooling off, fishing is heating up. Sabine Pass, the Speckled Trout were hungry for most of the morning. The Specks were really thick, probably fattening up for the winter. After things slowed down, we headed to Sabine Lake. Seemed like there were more boats than fish on the South End of Sabine Lake. We did not feel the excitement, maybe we were to late, so we did not stay long. Fished the rest of the day on the Louisiana Shoreline, and did pretty good. It was not long before we ran into a school of slot Reds. They ranged from 21"-26" and were fat, like footballs. Caught fish close to the bank, caught just as many in the open lake, in 6'-8' of water. So, the fish are scattered, with schools of Trout and Redfish, also scattered. Again, we caught fish all day. Most everything we caught were on live shrimp. The school of Redfish, did not care what you threw at them. With a Full moon, relatively clear blue skies, no birds working (if you don't count Pelicans), still had a pretty good day. Ended up with an icebox full of Specks and Reds, with a bonus Flounder. We really did not spend a lot of time fishing for Flounder. The Flounder run has not really started yet, but should anytime now. luckylindycharter.com