The cool weather this morning had me itching to hit Lake Somerville and see what all was biting on the Yegua. Arrived right at sunrise and unloaded the yak and gear. I was fortunate enough to meet up with two fellow yakers who headed up Nails Creek this morning. The wind was up a bit, but not a deterrent. Made it to the my favorite spot and immediately found catfish, Bass, Gaspergo, and Crappie. I actually wanted to paddle as far as I could this morning to see what the creek looked like after the May floods, but the fishing was so good I stayed in the same vicinity most of the day. The Bass are on fire and they are healthy fat fish! Hooked onto a monster bass, but my 6lb test line was no match and unfortunately it snapped the line before I could land the beast. Catfish were in abundance as well. Caught many of them on a crappie jig. Crappie were slow, but I did manage to land a few before the day was out. Left the creek around 2pm and headed home with some nice crappie filets. It was an incredible day! Already looking forward to the next adventure.