Just thought I would write a quick post for anyone that finds the stock seat on the Ascend D10T kayak as uncomfortable as I do.

I searched around a bit for an elevated seat but they were either $100+ or did not fit within the molds of the kayak.

Overall it cost me $30 for the stadium seat and $10 for the aluminum from Home Depot (I already had a rivet gun, rivets, screws, and silicone).

I started by mounting aluminum to the the bottom of the chair to give it an additional raise. I then took another piece of 36" aluminum that came with a 90 degree bend and used this as a guide to to hold the seat in place. Small holes were drilled through both pieces of metal and dowel pins with clips were ran through the metal so that the seat will lock in place and can also be removed and used to sit on when on land.

All in all it works great, looks great and was far cheaper than other options.