Autumn is my favorite season, I'm always happy to see it arrive. This year it came in with a snapping sound. Normally it just kind of fades in and out and slowly gains traction and then one day I realize it is finally here.

This year is different. Thursday of last week it arrived. On Wednesday the yard was bare of leaves, well a tiny few here and there, but certainly no appreciable amount. It had been like that for months. It's been a rather cool summer this year too. We had about a month of 100+ days, then a front came in and after that it did good to get to 90.

Thursday someone told the trees to shed their leaves, they all came falling down in a great big WHOOSH. Within one day the ground was completely covered in leaves. Most of them still looked green, or at least greenish. Since then the trees have lost well over 50% of their leaves, and the nights have become rather cool, down into the 50's, the days have been barely into the 80's.

The river is quite low so the water is thin. It didn't take long for the river water to go from warm to coolish. It's not cold, but it's not near as warm as it was last week. I've been fishing several times since fall came last Thursday, and each day the water has gotten a bit cooler and the fish have gotten a bit slower to bite.

Yesterday they were really slow to bite, not that one day makes a trend, but several days in a row, combined with the trees losing their leaves and the weather cooling off significantly, I'd say that makes a trend.

I really enjoy this time of year. Glad to see it arrive. Now to adjust my fishing techniques...
Texas State Editor: FishExplorer

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