So when you get to your first (in my case only) spot, then turn into the wind but the water is breaking over your bow, you have an inkling what kind of a day it is going to be.

However, as it turned out there were other spots in less windy places. And did I say it was "cold" in the morning. The first cool day of the year on the water for us. Cold and windy..what a start. Finally got to take off my rain top around 10 AM.

We began fishing at 7 AM and fished until 3 PM.

C-rig, drop shots, weightless flukes and crank baits accounted for the bigger bags. Most fish were caught fairly shallow although the winners fish mostly came out of 38 feet.

The team of Greg Watson and Cheryl Allen came to the scales with 28 fish, of which the top 10 counted for 14.47 with Greg's 3.43 lunker. We paper all of the fish. Everything over 10" count.
Second place team went to John Berech and Dennis Bubinas with 11 bass for 12.87 and Dennis caught the 3.81 lunker.
Third place team went to Bruce Allen and Terry Thompson with 22 bass for 11.68 with Terry's 1.43 lunker.

Faze 4 was started within the auspices of the Lake Fork Anglers to give our boaters the opportunity to pair with others boaters so they can learn the lake better and learn new techniques. And it is working. Our boaters are mostly improving ten fold. Also it gives us another excuse to be out on the water fishing instead of being home doing honey do lists.

A total of 117 bass were caught by the 18 anglers fishing out of nine boats. No one was skunked today. A testament of how Faze 4 is helping all of our boaters to improve. Although Faze 4 has the least number of LFA members fishing is this particular format it is still very competitive between the boats.

For info on joining the LFA e-mail me at or PM me on here. We are looking for co-anglers right now but will take boaters who are willing to fill in on the co-angler side when needed.

Even on tough days Lake Fork is one heck of a great fishery.
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Faze 4 Bass Anglers: Team Competition
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

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