Current level is up to 93.2% according to lake levels today . Want to try and get out to water Friday that I don't have to drive 200-300 miles to get to . Ivie is disappointing with only 22.2% and Champion is only 28.2% . JB Thomas is at 63.5% and it's on the way to A.H. so may make a stop to see how it is but only thing I don't like about BJ is red sandy water constantly . Turns your line rusty color too . Brownwood is 94.4% but for just a day drive it's more than I want to go .

So has anyone been to Alan Henry lately , if so how's the fishing whether FF or bait casting ? There is Red Bluff N.E. of me but never been there, 82.9% . It has no restrooms in case the wife had to go . She's not the type for going behind a bush . If your familiar with Red Bluff please fill me in, is it a nice lake of have good fishing ?