I got out for a late afternoon session in the Brazoria County marsh. Worked on developing my offhand (left hand) cast while standing in one spot on a bank throwing a weighted shrimp into the ICW. Water was dumping out of the marsh in a hurry and I caught several little sand trout, a few dink specks, and a couple of ladyfish on the edge of the drop off. Caught a potato chip flounder near a bulkhead, but couldn't find any more flat fish.

Moved into the marsh. Right away spotted a feeding red that would rush at bait along the cordgrass, then quickly dissapear. Either this fish didn't like my fly or I wasn't hitting the zone, but I picked up a couple of croaker and a tiny gafftop on the shrimp fly as by-catch going after this red. Changed over to a weed-guarded lighter weight white crack fly as I moved shallower and into an area with some shell. Saw some commotion near a point of cordgrass. Tossed the fly over and it took off before I could transition to the strip, but I managed the delayed set and got a good battle from a 22" red that fought above his weight class.

Got a couple more rat reds, spooked a couple fish, couldn't get to a few with the falling tide and exposed shell. Marsh had that great fall feeling and it was comfortable to be out on the water in the afternoon for a change. I love this time of year.