Picudo Sport Fishing Report Cabo San Lucas
It’s been a week of excellent fishing in the Cabo San Lucas area. The Blue Marlin are biting, huge cow YFTs are on the banks, and the inshore Dorado bite is going off! Mix in some sailfish and a good Striped Marlin bite and you have the best fishing we have seen in months! The aftermath of Hurricane Nestor left us absolutely perfect conditions with sea temps in the low to mid 80s, calm overall conditions, ample bait, and a full on bite! With the next storm looking like it’s going to swing wide of us we should have a great stretch of un interrupted fishing-This is classic September fishing at the Cape!

The Blue Marlin bite is epic! The hot spot is still centered on the San Jaime Bank with most boats raising and catching multiple fish. The average size is between 160- 350 lbs. but some larger ones up to 500 have been released. It’s nice to see the boys starting to release more of these big girls! The bite is not just limited to this area as many fish are being reported from the 1150 and all the way up the 1000 fathom curve. The lure preference seems to be black and purple, petrolero, and Guacamaya. Someone is going to bag a toad any day now. There have been lots of reports of huge fish coming up in the patterns.

The Sailfish and Striped Marlin are in numbers closer to the beach with some being caught as close a half mile off. The hot spot for Stripers is up the Pacific side past Migriño up to Elias Calles with most boats a catching multiple fish. They are not picky and are all over the phony and the sewed dead baits as well. We had a multiple hookup 2 days ago with Dorado and Stripers hooked at the same time, 2 on jigs, and 2 on casted live! Can’t beat it! The Sailfish are also in these areas although a little more fickle. They will be showing in force as soon as the sea temps reached the upper 80s.
Big YFTS are still being landed with the majority reaching 200 lbs. Most are being caught on the kite but also on slow trolled or soaked live baits. The Jaime Bank is the hot spot for sure but they are also getting them on the Golden Gate Bank and outside in the porpoise schools. Everyone is using the heavy gear and those with patience are being rewarded. With no seiners lurking around this bite should stay. The small football tunas are closer in and are grabbing feathers, hoochies, small lures, and sewed baits. Trolling in the 30-50 fathom depths is producing multiple hookups and everyone is having a blast with these little guys! There’s nothing better than hooking up right outside the harbor!

But what has everybodies talking is the long awaited Dorado bite. They are in and biting big time. We have been fishing them from the Faro all the way up to Gaspareño. The best concentration seems to be from Margaritas up to Cerros Del Golden. They are attacking in schools and he who is quick with the casted live bait is rewarded. We have been catching an average size of over 20lbs. with some of the larger ones well over 30.

They’re not picky about what they’re eating as we are catching them on everything from feathers to sewed baits. A half mile to a mile off trolling in a zigzag pattern is raising quite a few schools. The bait stacked up thick and conditions perfect we should have these golden grabbers with us well into fall. It’s been a long wait but the Dorado are finally here in force!

The moon is full and as we start to lose it the fishing should just go off. Fall fishing in Cabo is the best and this season is lining up to be one of the best in a long time. El niño is backing off and our conditions are returning to normal. If the fishing up to this point is an indication of things to come it’s going to be one of the best years in a long time!! Get your reservations for October and November as were starting to fill up quick! Fishing is busting loose at the Cape!