This is my first post, so bare with me ......

I recently picked up a 95 champion 181 with a 150 xri on the back. The previous owner had a 10 foot talon installed in march of this year at Bass Pro. The talon is installed with the bracket attached to the starboard side of the manual jackplate that is on the boat.

Question: When I cruise between 5-10 mph, the talon bracket directs and enormous amount of water onto the starboard side of my motor cowl. It does it so bad, that my trim switch gets wet and will periodically start trimming up on its own while fishing.

Has anybody ever had a similar problem, and if so, any recommendations on how I could alleviate the problem? I was thinking of sealing up the trim switch on the motor somehow to make it water tight. I also was wondering if the talon bracket was actually mounted correctly or not. It does not divert water onto my engine while on plane, just when hitting the 5-10 mph speeds.

Any help would sure be appreciated!