The Tale of Two Tails
I often get asked the question, “Why does it have two tails?” Well, there are a couple of reasons: the first reason that led me to design the Controlled Descent Paddle Shad with two tails is my passion for wading for large speckled trout. We have all heard the saying, “Big Bait = Big Fish”, right? Well, most big baits have treble hooks, and at times, these trebles are more trouble than they are worth. They become rakes in grassy areas, anchors in structure areas, and fish killers when I mostly practice CPR. I also feel a single hook allows for less lost fish than trebles on a larger style lure because the fish is not pulling against the other hooks that are typically stuck in its side, etc.

Sure, you can switch out the trebles to singles on those lures and that lessens some of the issues that I mentioned, but it does not eliminate them. The singles may also cause those lures to sink even faster, which is not why you bought them to begin with. I have never lost a CDL lure to a snag.

When I sat down to draw this lure, I knew I wanted a soft plastic that imitated a baitfish, single hook, weedless, swim bait, slow sinking option, and a larger profile without having a larger chunk of plastic. By adding the kicker tail, I was able to give the CDL Paddle Shad a larger profile without it actually having too much mass. The problem with a larger chunk of plastic and a single hook rigged weedless is the difficulty in obtaining a good solid hook set. With too much plastic, it will increase the effort it takes to pop the hook through and stick the fish resulting is an empty hookset.

The second reason is the second “kicker” tail also gives the illusion of multiple fish fleeing. I didn’t want an intrusive vibrating paddle for winter wading for trophy trout, but I feel the second tail does allow the fish’s lateral line to pick up the different frequency of vibration from the two tails.

During my field testing fishing the Paddle Shad I noticed most of the large trout would “Inhale” it, thus the slogan Get Inhaled!™.
Most were hooked in the top of their mouth rather than the lip or throat. Due to the light weight, and the suspending or slow sinking ability of this lure series, the fish can really get it in their mouth because it is not falling fast or sitting on the bottom.

So there you have it, the tale of two tails. After over 3 years of fishing these lures, I can honestly say, it does make a difference. Give them a try this winter and see for yourself. Then you will see why the two tails.

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Get Inhaled!™
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