Hey all,

The NRHFD Fire association is putting on a benefit tournament in November on the 12th at Lake Ray Roberts. Now I know it’s a bad time due to hunting season and all so please reserve those comments if you would. This association had a similar event for the first responders of West Texas after their disaster and they are having this tournament to benefit the families of the officers killed in Dallas. DPD Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, DPD Officer Michael Krol, DPD Sgt. Michael Smith, DART Officer Brent Thompson, DPD Officer Patricio "Patrick" Zamarripa

They will have a guaranteed payout depending on donations and Scott Gordon will be running the event, so we know it will be ran right! Please try and squeeze this event into your schedule if you can if not for a chance to win some money, do it for the families of the fallen officers. The final details of this event will be coming out very soon from Scott himself so please watch his posts on the forum.

The name of the event is "Bass'n for the Blue" and as stated it will be held on the 12th of November at the marina.
Go home at the end of your shift, no mater the cost!