My daughter Allyse and I spent a half day on one of the most remote rivers in Texas fishing for Prehistoric Alligator Gar. We caught and released a massive 7 foot 2 inch gator gar only to remember we had left a bait out still.
we got back to the rod just in time before it got spooled, when we set the hook on her she was slow to start fighting, but eventually put up one serious fight towing my 14 foot boat all around. She ended up going 7 foot 6 inches and had a massive 40 inch girth making her the largest alligator gar i have landed yet coming in at over 200 pounds.
At SharkBaitTV we are 100% about catch and release and the conservation of this awesome prehistoric fish species so they can survive another 100 million years on the planet.
Alligator Gar are the largest predatory freshwater fish in north america, they have survived literally unchanged for near 147 million years since the beginning of the Cretacious period and are the definition of "living dinosaur" or "fossil fish". the oldest alligator gar on record was 86 years old and they can grow to be 10 feet long but gar that size are amazingly rare, i only know of two Alligator gar caught over 9 foot in the last 20 years.
If you had a time machine and traveled back to the Cretacious period alligator gar are absolutely one of the fish you would find in the rivers, lakes, ponds and coastal systems of that day which makes them one of the most amazing fish on the planet to me.

Shimano Trevala TVS66MH rated for 50-100# braid
Okuma Trio BF 80
Suffix Performance Braid 130#
Alumacraft 1436
GoPro Hero 3
Bait Used was Common Carp
"Conservation is the preservation of life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for."