So I managed to get up early and got to the marina about seven with myself, wife and daughter. I fished mostly a two jig rig with a Thermocline black emerald shiner on top and electric chicken on bottom. Caught two quick ones on the Thermocline in the boat docks then the bite stopped. I put a Southern Jig special on the bottom and moved to the fishing holes. Caught a small one quick on the special and dropped it back down. I then lost a big one when it jumped off the hook when I hauled it out of the water. I think it was on the special. These where all caught about 8 feet down.

In the meantime my wife was killing them on minnows. She caught about six or seven Crappie and a couple of carp. My daughter caught a crappie and and almost hauled in an approximately 5 pound catfish before it broke the line and got away.

I can't speak to conditions on the lake but the water was calm. I can speak to the conditions next Saturday night when the family will take a guided tour with Robert, one of the new managers of the marina. He is charging $40 for a four hour trip (7-11 PM or until limits are caught). Gear or cleaning of the catch is not included (he may charge a small fee per fish though). For a bank/Marina/pier fisherman without $300 or a boat to take the family out this sounds like a good deal. Especially on a lake that hasn't had a lot of pressure on it. He starts up Sep 1st so for more info give the marina a call.
U.S. Navy Retired