You want to win $5,000 ?
You want to fish for FREE ?

Thanks to Brian Fox and Sherwin-Williams the next 2 boaters who volunteer to be teamed up with a SOLDIER / VETERAN will have their entry fee paid for.... This is a OPEN TEAM FORMAT so you can fish with anyone of your choosing but we pride ourselves on pairing some of the best Anglers throughout Texas with Soldiers / Veterans who've sacrificed and endured so much for our NATION. We've already been able to pair 11 Volunteer Boaters with Wounded Soldiers / Veterans - if you've already been paired this offer is so we can keep getting Soldiers / Veterans in boats. Let's keep this up.

We are truly taken aback by the support Brian Fox and his sponsors have contributed to this years event. We've been able to get to know Brian through a mutual sponsor Rod ArmorZ who reached out to Brian about supporting our event and from there it's just been truly amazing. A great ambassador for all who support his fishing endeavors. The commitment Sherwin Williams paints has shown to this years event truly reflects on their companies values and Good Ole American Pride

This tournament is for OPERATION COMFORT a 501c3 organization that supports our WOUNDED SOLDIERS while they recover in the hospital from wounds sustained in the IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN WARS.

OVER $8500 in CASH and PRIZES plus other payout places. The $5,000 1ST PLACE GUARANATEE comes from Sponsorship money by TRACKER BOATING CENTER OF TYLER & SHERWIN WILLIAMS plus BIG BASS $500 by ROD ARMORZ

So there is your challenge - The FIRST TWO BOATERS who contact 903-920-3330 to be paired with a Soldier / Veteran have their entry taken care of

For more information go to our FACEBOOK PAGE - OperationComfortBenefitTournament

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Hookset Brothers Combat Recovery non profit organization
Empowering Veterans with combat related PTSD by providing them Hunting and Fishing recovery trips