-- There will be a championship tournament on Saturday August 27th from 6am--2pm at Benbrook marina.
-- You must have fished at least one Thursday night tournament to be eligible to fish it.
-- It will be a 5 fish limit.
-- $100 buy inn which includes big bass and also a $5 ramp fee. ($105.00 total) 100% payback
-- If the 6pd roll over pot is not broken the last Thursday before the tournament it will carry over to the 1st place winner inn the championship.
-- signup will begin at 5am.
-- 1 place paid for every 5 boats.
-- you must be inside the marina area before 2pm to weigh inn.

^^ This is the last tournament of the year guys make sure you don't miss it.
If you didn't know already the Thursday night tournaments are 6pm--9:30pm, $50 buy inn at Benbrook marina.
--There will be NO Thursday night Tournament Aug 25th the week of the championship!
Contact me or the Benbrook marina for any questions!