August 6, 2016
Falcon Lake Report

Had a trip today with two really nice guys, Cliff and Eric, from Abilene.

Unfortunately, I lost count today as to how many fish we caught, but I know it was at least 60 fish, if not more. Caught alot of small keeper fish, quite a few in the 2-1/2# to 3# range. Both Cliff and Eric stated they had a blast fishing and catching the numbers of fish we did.

I usually don’t talk about if we lose fish, because I feel that unless those fish are in the boat, they just don’t count, but today we lost 2 nice fish that I really wanted in the boat. One of the big fish that Cliff had on was determined not to make it to the boat and gave him a fit. We actually saw this fish and it was a really nice fish, estimating it’s weight to be at least 7#. Cliff also had the second big fish on as well, but it straightened out the treble hooks both on the front and back of his bait, so we did not get to see it.

Our bites were much better before the wind picked up. Once the wind started blowing, our bites slowed way down.

Air temps were HOT–well over 100°. As I mentioned, the wind started to blow quite a bit as the day went on, which can make fishing certain areas tougher, as far as boat positioning.

Water temps continue to stay about the same mid 80’s to low 90’s. I know folks read these water temps and wonder how you can catch fish. Well, our Falcon fish are use to the hot summers and water temps that we have, so it really does not effect them like it would at a lake that normally does not have this type of water temperatures.

The Double “R” continues to hit the water fishing the same rigs for several weeks now. We are throwing t-rigs and moving baits to catch these fish.

Falcon will be nearing 34' low soon, and I am sure we will hit this within the next few days.

We have some days open, so give us a call and we'll head to the lake and catch some fish.

Edited by Captain Robert McFarlane (08/14/16 03:07 PM)
Capt. Robert McFarlane
Double "R" Guide Service