Poppers, Poppers, and more yep! Poppers. The bigger ones are biting on isolated cover near the banks on poppers. I caught several small ones working a trick work and a jointed crank bank further away from the bank. The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water right now around lunch time with no turbines running. Also caught a lot of nice size aggressive bluegill. I launch at bevilsport and just trolled along the banks and fished creek channel openings. Water Temp was 80 degrees and it was sunny with intermittent clouds. Winds were blowing out of the northwest slightly. Bass are also schooling up and chasing shad balls so look for blow ups along the banks or shad jumping out of the water. Water was slightly stained with a 2-3 foot clarity. I have seen clearer water there. Angelina river continues to produce for me and at the same time it is challenging because they prefer different lures each time I go. Last report it was topwater frogs and I couldn't buy a bite this time on frogs.
Bevilsport ramp is where I launch majority of the time, unless the water is low than i have to launch at the 63 bridge.