We have been made aware by the authorities of an unusual high amount of debris floating on Lake Dunlap due to the significant amount of rain we have received in the last 3 days. This debris not only includes trash, but large trees, branches, and lumber that are floating all over the lake.
As such, we will be cancelling the final event of 2016 and will not be rescheduling or moving the event to Canyon with this late of notice.
With Dunlap already pushing the limits of our safety concerns with the large amount of boats on Thursday nights, the added debris makes the lake far to unsafe especially when you factor in the limited visibility of nightfall.
We do not like to cancel events, but we do not take the safety of the anglers lightly and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. With things like weather out of our control, we do our best to notify anglers of a decision as quickly as possible.

Edited by Texas Tournament Zone (07/27/16 04:27 PM)