After a day of fishing on 7/18/16 visited with a fellow fisherman who was loading his boat at the ramp also. We had a good visit with him giving me some pointers and showing me some of his fishing gear as I'm new to fishing that area. We both left about the same time and there was no one else there. After I got a short distance down the road I realized my GoPro was missing. I drove back slowly but did not find it in the road or at the ramp. I'm convinced I mindlessly laid it in his boat as we leaned against it talking and looking at gear. Problem is I can't remember his name. The only thing I remember is that he lives in Orange, TX, drives a big black 4 wheel drive truck, his boat is an aluminum flat bottom with an air cooled engine/shallow water drive for duck hunting and he's a mid twenties dark haired guy. He was very friendly and helpful. I'm sure if he found the GoPro in his boat he would want to return it but he knows no more about me than I do him. Lesson learned-if you have a GoPro label it with your contact info! If you may know him or find a GoPro in the area please let me know. It's a GoPro + mounted on a head strap. I've got video on there I would really like to have.
Bobby D Hobbs