Took a group out to do some nearshore fishing last Saturday. The waves weren't has predicted and was quite sloppy. We caught blue runners for bait and started trolling for kingfish on a wreck. Nothing biting so we moved over to a platform with no luck their either. Water was clear as I've ever seen that close in before. Near 40' visibility. Trolled around a standpipe and caught a Ling that was just short of legal but it had friends so we moved in trying to catch them. Started chumming when a large dark showed came up from the deep and parked within 5' of my boat. A whale shark with two big Ling swimming with it. Didn't know whether to fish for the Ling or just stand in awe of the whale shark. Everyone on the boat was standing in amazement for a while before they through a perch at one of the Ling. Ling bites and screams drag to break the line. Whale shark leaves and takes all the Ling with it. Off to other platforms looking for Ling with more break offs of Ling and mangrove snapper. Back to trolling and finally land a king after losing two other ufos. Kept moving from platforms to platform with several other pull offs and break offs. Ended the day back at the wreck we started on and landed another nice king. Made one more pull around the wreck to have the great surprise of catching a 39" wahoo which is a very rare site in shallow water. Many lost opportunities and break offs but worth the day on the water just to see that beautiful whale shark.
Patriot Guide Service Port O Connor, tx