Fished Mill Creek on Friday the 15th, was at the boat ramp by 6:00 AM. Wind was from the south about 5-10, water color tea stained, water temperature was 83-84 degrees. Most of the bass I caught were in 2-4 foot of water just off the edge of the main creek in the back 1/3 of the lake. Caught 18 of these before 9:00 A.M:

Lots of fun action! Hooked up with a really big bass on this custom LC DDRT crank bait:

Casting off a secondary point in about 8 foot of water...caught a couple of 1-2 lb. bass. On the next cast the lure suddenly went dead, it felt like I was pulling a wet newspaper through the water... set the hook and the tug of war jumping, just pulled hard and headed for the bottom. Got it close enough to the boat to get a good look...when I moved to get my net it turned, headed for the bottom, and waved bye-bye. Big girls don't give you any mistake and they're gone. So Mill Creek can still produce some monster bass...going back again real soon! Keep thinking good thoughts and keep on fishing.