Our 910 Series flipping & football jigs have been a tremendous success. We are now pleased to announce the release of our 524 Series finesse jig! The unique head design features our signature grooved head, but also features a flat bottom to allow the jig to stand up and present a very enticing bait for those finicky bass.

The 524 Finesse Jig features:

- Mustad Ultra Point 3/0 Finesse hook
- Horizontal Line Tie
- Super strong powder coat paint to really stand the test of rocks and other hard obstacles.
- Banded skirt
- Color matched fiber weed guard

Awesome colors are available in 5/16 and 7/16 oz. sizes -- $6.25/2-pack

Just what do those numbers (910, 524) mean anyway?

Thanks for your support. Tight lines & see you on the water!

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