Fished with a crew Friday and Tarpon were on the menu. We casted and trolled coon pops in 35' of water with some great success. First hook up of the day came from the cast at it got us a 100lber after a good battle. The second hookup came on the troll and was it ever a big one. Fought it for an hour before the hook pulled. We ended up 1 for 6 but everyone was happy.

Fished a crew Saturday at the jettys and boy was it crowded. Started the day off drifting for bulls and ended up with Jacks instead. Caught sharks and more jacks at another area but action was slow. Got in line at the jetty tip and managed to bring in a nice slot red and even bigger sharks. Moved into the bay late where we caught a few trout. Learned a lesson to never guide on holiday weekends.

On a better note here is a video from my Tuesday nearshore trip.
Patriot Guide Service Port O Connor, tx