I bought my wife a 2016 Tahoe a few months ago and of course I went with the max tow package. In case you all didn't know, the new Tahoes have air ride in the rear to level out the vehicle when you are towing. I was so pleased with how well her Tahoe rode while pulling the Z8, that I decided to add it to my new Silverado. I just traded my 2015 Silverado for a 2016 Midnight Edition.

I went with Air Lift Company's Ride Control and so far, I'm really impressed. I added the wireless feature for the convenience and I spent less than $1,100 for the setup and install. It's easy to use and does a great job. The only negative I have so far is that the paint on the bracket is already chipping. That's probably due to the salt in the air here in Corpus Christi. I have had a lot of mixed opinions on the amount of air to run when not towing, but after playing with it a little bit, I run it at 20 psi for daily driving. I hope this helps someone!
2012 Nitro Z8 - Mercury 200
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