Hey yall,

I was wondering if anyone knows how the water clarity is right now at the Colorado River (by Columbus, TX)?
I might have a day to take the kayak out to do some bass fishing. Usually, I could see 2 feet in.

With these pounding storms we've been having these past 2 months, I know for sure it could've (or already has) broke over it's banks and turned to chocolate milk.
But it's already been a few weeks without these storms.

It's been over a year since I last been there.
Normally, I would go to the coast, but since it's Independence Day weekend, I'd rather avoid the crowds.

I usually check the TRD & USGS sites for river levels to give me an idea:


But would like some assurance.
I have to drive an hour to get there, and I don't want to arrive and be disappointed.

God Bless Texastexas
Texas Google Bank Fishing Map