Once a month tourney format where anyone in an immediately family can fish a tourney together? That would allow a parent to take different children they have and/or spouses to fish this series. My thoughts are to make it on the cheap side and cap it at 20 boats since Lake Arlington is such a small lake. If we did 10 tourneys at $25 each ($20 to placings and $5 big bass), then it would be only $250/year to fish the series. Three fish limit per team to help keep fish alive with the biggest of the three going towards BB weight as well. Would be a fun way for families to fish cheap tourneys. All we would need would be a set of scales to use/borrow for weigh-ins. My proposal would be to fish on the 2nd Saturday of each month, just to keep it consistent and easy to remember. Maybe even have an end of year cook-out/fish fry for families involved in fishing it? Your thoughts? Who would be in?