Hey my fellow anglers,

The Youth Day for the TEXAS CRAPPIE SERIES is coming up on July 9th on Lake Palestine. We recommend signing up as soon as possible so we have an accurate head count of the youths, so we can have the correct amount of prizes!

Rule specifics for the July 9th tournament involving youth participants:
1.There will be a maxium boat occupancy of 4 persons (two adults and two youth anglers) for this single event.
2.The adults will still fish as a team with the same entry fees as always and weigh a 7 fish limit with an optional big fish just as in every tournament before and to come(youth accompany an adult at no charge). This is our best solution to keeping our yearly standings as they have been since everyone may not choose to fish with a youth angler.
3.The change in the format will be that each adult may have one youth angler and that youth will retain the single largest fish they catch on the day to be weighed in combination with their adult angler (this means that each adult angler will have to keep track of the largest fish they catch on the day to be weighed in combination with the fish of their youth angler). The adult/youth combination that has the heaviest combined two fish weight will win two very high quality replica mounts from James Mangham at JH Taxidermy!!!
: The weighin process will go as follows...the adult/youth combinations from each boat will approach the scales first, declare which fish belongs to the youth, and it will be marked with a clip to signify that fish as his/hers fish ( the weight of the clip will be torn from the scales ahead of time to ensure accurate weights and said clip will be involved in every weight taken on the day) and the two fish will be weighed. After these weights are collected, the adults will return their fish to the weigh basket to be weighed with their remaining fish for their limit weight. This should aide in keeping the confusion down and possibly mixing up any fish.
: Teams without a youth will weigh normally and remember that these events can be fished individually or a single adult with one youth...the term "team" is simply used to describe a paid entry into the event.
: A youth is described as 16 years of age or younger.
: All TPWD rules will be a must follow!!!!
: We realize that there will be a certain amount of "honor" system to which fish are retained for the youth/adult weights and want to remind everyone that there is always the potential for a polygraph test. However the groups of fisherman/fisherwomen we have had have been of the highest caliber and we certainly dont foresee any issues....Thank Yall for that!!
: We will actively be trying to gather an array of door prizes to ensure the future of our fishing have a fantastic tournament experience and walk away with some gear to show off!
: A cooler with ice is a recommendation to have on hand to ensure that fish be kept in edible condition after weighin..if you dont have one, there will be one at the weigh site...please do not try to release fish that are in bad health.
: Anyone with questions is welcome to contact William Oliver at 903-515-0036 and he will clarify any grey areas you may have. We are very excited to see everyone again and any vender that may see this and wishes to make a donation for the kids is welcome to call the above number and we will set yall up....
Due to the Amount of anglers that are possible we want to remind everyone that early weigh in starts at 1:00 pm. After weigh in we will give out ALL THE YOUTH PRIZES FIRST..... So All you Adults be patient we will get something in your hands as well!!