Lucky Lindy Charter

June 25,2016 "I changed the name of my website" It is now www.Luckylindychater.com (you have to type it in) www.luckylindycharter.com , I had to drop the "S" in charters. More fish than people this weekend! Speckled Trout topped the list, Finally. Did catch quite a few Redfish, but they did not make the slot. live Shrimp on a popping cork did well in the morning. A lot of action, a lot of fish. As the day went on, artificial lures, was the way to keep catching the Specks. Water is still messed up, but did not seem to bother the fish. I found some better (clearer water), but did not catch a fish. So, back to the muddy water. Did locate waves of mullet. That helped catch a few more Trout. Most of the fish we caught were in 2'-4' of water. Bass Assassins in Strawberry/ Chartreuse and Bright Yellow split tail mullet soft plastics caught fish all day. It looked like the Flounder moved out of Sabine Lake. This is the first trip in a long time, I have not caught Flounder. Lots of Speckled Trout, a ton of Rat Reds, and no Flounder? Did not see one bird working anywhere. But schools and schools of Mullet were on the move.

Edited by Capt. Lindy Hebert (06/27/16 12:29 AM)