Top water fishing for sand bass on Richland Chambers in the summer is as American as Ice tea and Peach cobbler.
Catching fish out of a big school of fish is just one of those things in nature that you don't see all that often.
You want your kids to experience it you want your grandparents to do it.
Catching top water feeding fish just simply puts the fun back in fishing.

This morning a young man brought his fly rod and managed a few on the fly rod.
Lately I've been starting with the slab catching big sand bass off the bottom after hitting a few spots I start looking for the schooling action just to do something a little special.
Right now the fish on top are smaller on average than the bottom fish but in a few days bigger

Catching these schooling fish is always easier during the week it's just the matter of less boats on the school and driving the fish deep. They are really spooky and really fast.
You try to set up wind so you don't have to throw the light tackle into the wind and with any luck you can just drift along with the schooling fish.

I'm using a little top water plug to catch them you can probably use about anything if you can keep it close to the surface.

A word to the wise keep your eye out for the short hybrids they're about 14 inches long and put up a good fight but you have to let him go back if he isn't 18 inches.
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