This is pretty cool getting to count every fish you catch.

To me it seems strange that anyone would be throwing a rattle trap in June but it accounted for 10 of our winners 13 fish.

So for us to do Major League Fishing we need two in the boat. We already have that setup with boaters and co-anglers. So next we set it up so the boaters are fishing against the boaters and the co-anglers are fishing against the co-anglers. Both are checking the others fish length before releasing and recording them.

So the boater winner first place is Bob Roberts with 13 fish weighing in 12.99 with a 4.73 lunker. Yep a bunch of them were small but they counted. I figure it takes about 14 10" bass to catch enough weight to get you to round 2 (semifinals).

Second place boater is Don Overstreet with 4 bass for 6.31 with a 2.74 lunker.

First place Co-angler went to Charlie Abresch with a 24 1/4" 9.03 over. One fish but what a fish.
Second place Co-angler went to Jerry Krone with 6 bass for 6.61 including his 3.17 lunker.

Five members have already advanced to round 2.

For info in fishing this tournament and others put on by the Lake Fork Anglers contact me at or PM me on here. We have openings for both boaters and co-anglers right now. This is a club that fishes only on Thursday daytime. We do not hold open tournaments. But dues is $5 a year.
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