The summer heat and humidity have officially arrived here in Alabama. You dam Texans keep hogging all the rain. Got on the lake at 7am, fished for three hours, not a bite. We finally wound up in Town Creek, anchoring off the channel. We sat there no more than 10 minutes and the action was on! Unfortunately, the action only lasted 30 minutes or so and after another three hours of no bites, the weather made us head for for the A/C. The heat index was 102 when we pulled away from the boat ramp. This was the big fish (and last fish)of the day, caught by my buddy, Don. This is also his PB.

I sent this picture to his wife, jokingly texting her we were headed to the taxidermist to have it mounted. She called Don while we were driving back and asked, just where was he going to display that fish. He said right over the headboard in the bedroom. She said that won't work because they would most likely rock that fish off the wall! That's when I burst out laughing. I guess one of the unwritten rules of marriage, is to tell your wife when she is on speaker phone. grin

Kirk Long (Kikr) March 4, 1959 - June 19, 2009
I guess the Lord needed a fishing buddy more than me.