Getting our seniors out on the water has been my goal since we started the LFA in 2014. Fishing every other Thursday is fine but that is only 2 days a month. Momma can't have that many to-do lists to keep us off the water. We need to get out and fish more.

So with 2 other Thursdays open we instituted Faze 4 so those of our boaters who feel they still need help get paired with other boaters to improve their problem with safely driving around Fork and learning new techniques and baits. There is a strict no passing of info policy on this tournament. What you learn stays with you.

So now on the 4th Thursday (and 5th when it occurs) what we call Hard Core will be fishing using a Major League Fishing
format. We will fish 6 tournaments into October with any member who catches a bag of at least 6 # advancing to the semi final in November.

At the semi-final the first 10 competitors to catch 8 #'s will advance to the finals. If we don't get an even number of boaters and co-anglers we will fill it in by the number needed of who did the next best.

In December we will fish the final on a portion of the lake unknown in advance to the contestants. The boater and co-angler with the most weight at the end of the day will win.

Everyone fishing this event must already be a member of the LFA which costs $5 a year to join and you must fish at least 8 regular LFA every other Thursday tournaments to participate..

And that is how we get ourselves out of the house and onto the lake!!!
Lake Fork Anglers
Faze 4 Bass Anglers: Team Competition
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

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