This lake is a mighty good lake even when she's not at her best.
Case in point today I watched the algae steadily release from the bottom of the lake today meaning to me the lake was turning over when this happens generally it's going to be a tough day fishing and it was more difficult than normal to find fish but we did find fish and a lot of them to make it better they we're feeding fish and easy to catch.
So even on days when the lake isn't at its best we can still manage to go fishing have a great time and catch a ton of fish.
The lake still isn't what it once was when it seemed like you could go out and throw straight up in the air and catch a limit but generally the fishing is pretty good.
I get excited this time of year because some mornings to come and I bet by the time you read this we will have fish actually hitting the surface feeding fish that will hit a topwater plug like my favorite little Heddon Torpedo.
You just cast into the school of feeding fish and reel it back the Torpedo makes a little chatter that the sand bass and hybrids mistake for shad flipping so they nail it. It's a true blast on light tackle.
The big Hybrids are starting to show up on the deeper humps for the most part they are just barley keepers at 18 to 19 inches but mostly were finding 14 to 15 inch long fish that we have to throw back state law is they have to be at least18 inches.
I'm using an ounce and three quarters chartreuse slab when I thank we have a good chance for the Hybrids it's just my favorite I'm sure other baits work well.
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