I sent in the paperwork for my Oklahoma guide license last week and the charge went through on my account Monday, so I am now booking broken bow trips. Now, most of you have heard of the trout fishing in the lower mountain fork river, but there is a huge population of warm water species that are a blast to target in this river. These trip will be specifically targeting walleye, crappie, and black bass (smallies, spots, and largemouth are all present), drum, sandbass, sunfish, striper, trout, and even an occasional catfish are not an uncommon by catch.
I will not be running any trips targeting trout in the river. These trips can be for fly fisherman or spin fisherman.

What you need to bring-
Wade boots, felt sole or studded
Waders* (wet wading feels great in summer and helps cut back on waders costs)
Your favorite fly rod (I have a few extras in case you wanna try your hand at fly fishing and don't have gear)
A cooler if you want to keep fish
Snacks, drinks, and maybe a meal
Oklahoma fishing license (no exceptions!)

A two man limit of walleye (+1) from the night before and crappie

What will be provided-
All tippet, flies, leaders, bobbers/strike indicators, bait, and lures will be provided

$350 for 1-2 people and $100 for each additional person up to 4 people
These trips will last 4-6 hours and I plan most of my trips in the morning so y'all can fish for the rest of the day
And, as always, fish guaranteed!

TCU class of 2019