Thursday morning had a very bad forecast. Rain with easterly winds and lightning. But when we began fishing at 6 AM it really wasn't to bad. AND THEN by 9 AM we were in rain suits with variable winds, rain and lightning which basically lasted until the 2 Pm quitting time.

First Place Team of Bob Roberts and Rick Green brought in 12 bass for 28.24 anchored by Bob's 6.77 lunker.
The second place team of Jack White and Galen Smith brought in 13 bass for 16.6 pounds.
Third place team went to Bill Ailes and Randy Steele brought in 9 bass for 11.00 pounds.
(only the best 10 fish count)

FAZE 4 fishes once a month at Lake Fork using a draw team format. Teams may not fish together for more than one month in a row. Members must already be a member of the Lake Fork Anglers (LFA) and own a boat. Tournaments are 8 hours long and payback 80% with the other 20% saved for awards and the free Championship to be held in December.

In July and August we fish 30 minutes before first light to 11 AM.

For information on joining the Lake Fork Anglers e-mail me at or PM me on here. The LFA is currently at below cap and is actively looking for both boaters and co-anglers who own boats and would fill in if needed. The LFA fishes every other Thursday daytime at Lake Fork only.

Before you can fish Faze 4 you must be a member of the LFA for at least 2 months and then be invited to join. Of which all LFA members are.

The LFA fishes every other Thursday at Lake Fork only, daytime only for 8 hour tournaments using a pre-determinded list of boaters and co-anglers making sure that the same members do not fish together 2 or more tournaments in a row. Tournaments are $13, annual dues is $5, and we generally pay out 6 to 7 places and lunker out of $11. It is not about the money.

It is about guys getting together to fish on a friendly basis where everyone has the opportunity to learn new techniques, new baits and learn how to get around Lake Fork safer. This benefits everyone and it has shown by the many members personal and club "bests" that are broken at nearly every tournament.

If you are interested in joining the Lake Fork Anglers Bass Club PM me or e-mail me at
Lake Fork Anglers
Faze 4 Bass Anglers: Team Competition
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

Contact me to schedule the LFSA Live Release Boat for your Lake Fork tournaments.