Does anyone have information about independence lake in Missouri city off of 2621 court Rd?

How deep is it? Biggest fish? Alligators? History?

It has a boat ramp and all. I found it by looking on google maps for a new place to fish and I was really happy when I found this little hidden Jewl.

I tried fishing it twice, once for about an hour with an array of top water lours.
-no luck

I tried the second time at night with a buddy with about 8 rods with all types of cut bait, chicken livers/gizzards/hearts beef tips, and live purch I cought with a cast net and stilllllll no luck.

Only a police man who said 1:00am is too late to fish but let me and my little friend stay because our backroad was clean and I handed him my military ID.
- can I cook it?