Most days the fishing is pretty strong a few things that slow it down are the full moon, little Northers that blow in and the biggest one of all is Pattern Changes.
This week the shad our main bait fish stopped spawning along the banks and this changes everything.
The catfish along with the Hybrids and the Sand bass that were feeding on the spawning shad are gone from the banks.
The sand bass took a few days off they just didn't seem to be anywhere after a couple of days they started showing up on the regular points and humps with some really big ones mixed in and catching the occasional Big Hybrid.
Most fish on the humps and points are holding in depths of 15 to 25ft. And sometimes even 30ft. As they move deeper they start suspending a few feet off the bottom and a lot of times these are bigger fish.
I 'am still using silver or chartreuse slabs most mornings to get customers there limits of fish and except for one tough day I have limited every day.
We haven't had a lot of luck on the bigger hybrids this year but it's kind of early. I'm not giving up on them in fact as warm as the water temperature is getting and it's hovering around 71 to 72 degrees it's time to go look for them specifically after we get our limits of sand bass I'm checking the deeper ledges for the big Hybrids they will be in 28 to 30ft.of water suspended a little off the bottom.
A new morning pattern will be coming soon in June and its Top Water schooling it's probably the most famous pattern for our Sand bass because you can actually see the fish feeding on the surface and it's a blast to catch them with a top water lure.
So get really ready for this it's my favorite.

Catching catfish will be different for the rest of the summer once the shad have their spawning behind them and have left the banks I start running the little Noodles for the catfish usually in water depths of 15 to 20ft. maybe even out to 30ft.
Baiting with cut bait or Shad.

With the schooling sand bass catching catfish under the sand bass is another good way to go this time of the year and sometimes they are really nice fish.

So school is almost out now.
Call to book your trip for some great fun with those Grand Parents and kiddos.

If I'm already booked my long time partner Chris Watson may be available.
Chris and I have been working together for almost twenty years now and we will be working together for the next twenty, Ernest Wilson is another great friend and Guide he is also someone I call on to help cover customers.
So let’s celebrate the summer vacation with a great fishing trip!
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