A note from TP&W:

National Safe Boating Week Day 5 Tip: Boaters should be concerned about installing “decorative” lighting on their boats in various places, including under-water, on the rubrail, around speakers, or in place of proper navigation lights. Such lighting may interfere with the operator’s ability to maintain a proper lookout or not provide the proper chromaticity, luminous intensity, or cut-off angles and could result in the issuance of a notice of violation or potentially cause an accident.
Navigation lights must be approved by the US Coast Guard and should have on the packaging the following:
- USCG Approval 33 CFR 183.810
- MEETS ABYC A-16 or equivalent
- TESTED BY (an approved labora-tory) Name of the light manufacturer Number of Model Visibility of the light in nautical miles
- Date on which the light was type-tested
- Identification and specification of the bulb used in the compliance test.
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