Redfish still dominate Sabine Lake and surrounding marshes. Water is still high, shrimp still running, and birds here and there, usually chasing smaller Reds and specks. Gulp Paddles tails have been working well, but for some reason live shrimp are really doing the trick. most of the fish I have been catching are in less than 4' of water. Still a lot of Flounder near grassy shorelines just about everywhere you go. The Speckled Trout I have been catching are mostly in schools. If you find one, there should be a lot of his buddies around. Small shrimp are what everything seems to chasing after. Small schools of small Shad are showing up more and more. It won't be long before there are big schools of big Shad. There are a lot more boaters on the water in the last couple of weeks, hope the boaters running around try to keep some distance from the people actually fishing. email