You know what really pisses me off...It is when someone intentionally lies about you.

Feb 28th 2016 my friend and I make it to Lake Sam Rayburn Marina for a few days of fishing. We show up and its dark and looks like the place is shut down. We pull all the way in not even sure the place is open. We head down the bumpy road to the little red building to check in to one of the cabins. Its not even 8pm on a Sunday. When making reservations I asked what the latest was that we could check in. 10pm was the answer I got. My friend and I walked around looking for anyone. We finally got back to the little red building and read the door. Push button for service. Do not hold down for longer than x seconds. I believe it was 3 seconds. No one answers the call box. We pushed the button quite a few times. The stuff in the building looked new, so we thought the place wasn't completely abandoned. I phoned Lake Sam Rayburn Marina at 813pm according to my phone records. According to my phone records I placed my next phone call at 833pm. That phone call that was placed at 833pm was to my credit card company letting them know that we were not going to be staying at the Lake Sam Rayburn Marina because no one was around to help us get checked in. During my 9 min phone call to the credit dispute group they called Lake Sam Rayburn Marina. They were hung up on. Who did they get in touch with that we didn't? No one was in the little building. While I was on the phone with my credit card company my friend and I were in the parking area by the little red building where we were pushing the button for help. We stayed for almost an hour trying to get anyone's attention to help us check in. Ok, so we need to find a new place since the place is abandoned. I would love to talk about how great the new place was that we stayed, but I will refrain.

I contested the $94.00 charge on my card. Well Lake Sam Rayburn Marina sent in a 9 page packet explaining why they are keeping the $94.00. They said I never showed up and did not even try to contact them, so I forfeited the $94.00. Are you kidding me. Don't lie about me...You were not there and no one else was there to provide services I paid for. You failed at providing service, so the charge was cancelled. Do not lie about me...just wrong

By the way, we spoke to a couple other people in town that own businesses and explained what happened. They were not surprised and have heard of similar instances happening before.

I plan on visiting Lake Sam Rayburn again. We will be staying at the other place in town. The other place we stayed was amazing and the owner was very attentive. Oh yeah driving 20 min to the next town for the Italian restaurant was well worth the drive. The burger place in town was really good. The service was amazing. The tackle shop had everything you needed then some. Oh yeah you don't have to have that much red for lures. Those fish were eating everything.

Sam Rayburn is a great lake. Keep on showing support for local businesses.
2015 Lund 1875 Crossover

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