We're catching Sand bass and catfish with an occasional keeping hybrid most mornings.
Using slabs and sassy shads for the sand bass and hybrids.

For blue cat the best bait is shad, I like rod and reel over trotlines and jug lines this time of year. It's just a fun bite and so different from sand bass fishing but it's not for everyone.

Birds are working some mornings to show us the way to the usually bigger sand bass and really that's a really good chance to catch a keeping hybrid.
It's funny the hybrids seem to be about mid way down under the surface so they usually hit the bait as it floats to the bottom.

Most hybrids are less than keeping size they have to be 18 inches to be legal and they are usually 14 to 16 inches long.
Next year's HERO'S is what I call them.
Just lately since we are catching so many of them I've been pinching the barbs down so I don't damage next year's crop of fish as much as I would if I had left the barb up.
Honestly, it almost seems we have just as many small Hybrids as we do sand bass so if we can take care of them until they get to legal size which is usually about three years we will have a incredible hybrid fishery.

By the numbers of small sand bass we're catching it looks like we have had great sand bass spawn over the Last two years.
I'm pinching the barbs down on my sand bass slabs as well.
Our lake has been so down on numbers the last three years we have to do what we can to help them out.

The other thing I do is wear a rubber glove when I handle the fish to protect their slim coating which protects them from bacterial infections.

The fish may look fine when you release them but by summer when the summer heat hits them the bacteria starts growing on them and it's a bad deal.

We are just a couple of weeks behind on fishing patterns. As of today I'm starting to see more and more fish schooling early so some mornings I like to start out throwing a sassy shad or Coho. These are just swim baits and they usually catch the bigger fish.

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