Dereck likes to fish so much when everyone else canceled, he came by himself.
I'm so glad he did because the catfish and sand bass were really biting now he's got bragging rights on his buds.
If they're really nice to him he may feed them with his 20 blue cat and 25 sand bass he's ready for a crowd.

Thanks Dereck and I will see everyone in June
Regards Bob

Three reasons for going fishing!!
THE EXCITEMENT - Enjoy Gods great outdoors and all the beautiful things He has created for your enjoyment.
THE THRILL - Feel the tug on the line and the excitement of reeling it in. You have your own fish stories to tell when you get together with friends. Tell 'em about the BIG one that got away.
IT'S DINNER - Fish seems to taste better when you catch it yourself. Have a fish fry with your friends!
Why not give me a call at 214-728-3310 and let's do some fishing. You can visit my web site at for trip information and more pictures.